Color Palette



Primary Orange

PMS 144 C/U
233r 121g 0b
0c 50m 100y 0k
Primary Green

PMS 371 C/U
83r 104g 43b
53c 14m 89y 56k

NTFB’s color palette reflects our optimistic outlook. Our primary color palette for all marketing and advertising materials is Primary Orange and Primary Green. A secondary color palette is available to work in conjunction with the primary palette.

Please note that specific colors have been selected for a variety of media and are listed beneath each swatch shown here. Take precautions to enter the correct color values listed here, as some of the values may not match each software program’s automatic conversion.




PMS Cool Grey 8

139r 141g 142b
0c 1m 0y 43k
PMS 2925 C / 299 U

0r 158g 222b
90c 16m 0y 0k
PMS 653 C / 301 U

0r 107g 157b
85c 30m 0y 31k
PMS 7700C / 7692U

0r 83g 124b
85c 30m 0y 51k
PMS 200 C / 199 U

178r 45g 58b
0c 90m 65y 30k
PMS 241 C/U

192r 47g 134b
12c 92m 0y 11k

PMS 7657 C/U

115r 56g 115b
40c 80m 0y 35k
PMS 7652 C / 249 U

90r 37g 89b
40c 80m 0y 55k
PMS 129 C / 128 U

255r 213g 76b
0c 15m 81y 0k
PMS 130 C / 129 U

251r 173g 24b
0c 36m 100y 0k
PMS 382 C / 380 U

191r 215g 48b
30c 0m 100y 0k
PMS 370 C/U

112r 147g 69b
40c 0m 80y 35k

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