ReThink Hunger

Our Three-Year Strategic Plan

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A New Approach

Over time, hunger in North Texas has grown larger and far more complex. The economic downturn continues to bring new people to our doors and many are requesting food assistance for the first time in their lives.

To face this problem head-on, we need to ReThink hunger by providing healthier food, developing new ways to extend our reach and improving the lives of those we serve.

We know that hunger affects health. So, we’re stepping up our efforts to support the nutritional needs of hungry North Texans. We’re also learning more about their needs, developing new ways to distribute food to more people and measuring the positive impact of access to nutritious meals.

Fighting hunger is a daunting task but we can succeed with your help.

Donate a dollar. A dollar provides three meals.

Donate an hour. In one hour, we can fill hundreds of boxes with healthy, nutritious food. In less time than that, you can organize a virtual food drive and possibly make an even bigger impact.

Donate a can. Every item of food helps our efforts go even farther.

Donate your voice. Help bring attention to the problem of hunger in our community.
To learn more about how we ReThink Hunger and to share the news with your family, friends and colleagues, please access the links on the right side of this page and join the fight against hunger in North Texas.

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