About the Hunger Center

The Hunger Center of North Texas is an initiative of the North Texas Food Bank. Its mission is to build knowledge to fight hunger.

To understand the causes and consequences of hunger at the household and neighborhood level—and to lead a more effective response—we have to learn how to answer tough questions like these:

  • Why do some low-income households need food assistance when others don't?
  • Which community members need long-term or even lifelong assistance—e.g., seniors or the disabled—and how can we provide it?
  • How does food insecurity affect food choices, attitudes and eating behaviors? And how do those choices affect a family's health?
  • Does living in a "food desert" really make you less healthy? Are other factors just as important?
  • Can community gardening make a significant difference in local food security and health?
  • Does charitable food assistance promote dependency?  
  • How many of our clients are visiting multiple pantries? Why?
  • Do the services we provide lead to positive, measurable changes in people's lives?
  • How can we help support economic security for families and reduce the need for long-term food assistance?

Our focus is local. Over time, we will build a base of evidence to support the development of more effective nutrition assistance programs and policies for North Texas.

We have three primary focus areas: 

  • Clients and Communities
  • NTFB Partner Agencies
  • NTFB Programs and Operations

Getting to know the low-income households and communities we serve is our most ambitious and challenging work. It has far-reaching implications for our long-term strategy and vision. See Original Research to learn about some of our collaborative research projects.

The Hunger Center of North Texas



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