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March 14, 2014   Vol. 2 Issue 2

TAKE ACTION - Sign on to our letter urging full funding for TEFAP Storage and Distribution

As the Appropriations process heats up in Congress, we are making an all-out push to urge Congress to provide full funding for TEFAP Storage and Distribution to help food banks and emergency feeding agencies with the costs of storing, transporting and distributing USDA commodities. We are asking all partner agencies to sign the letter urging Congress to fully fund this important program.

Click here to add your agency name to the letter.

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Rethink Hunger Grant Cycle Closes March 31

The ReThink Hunger Grant is a matching funds grant that accepts applications from any Partner Agency in good standing. Applications can be submitted February 1 and all applications are due by March 31 for the second cycle. Click here to view and download the grant.

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Have You Applied for the Agency Assistance Grant?

The Agency Assistance Grant is awarded to any agency that applies that is in good standing with the North Texas Food Bank. The grants are awarded as handling fee credits to your agency account. Your account must not be on any hold to qualify for this grant. Click here to view and download the grant.

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A Closer Look: Getting to Know the Updated Partner Agency Agreement

The Partner Agency Agreement had several changes this year. To ensure everyone has reviewed them closely we will be reviewing a section of the agreement in the newsletter each month.

This issue we are focusing on the Terms portion of the agreement which have been reprinted below.


  1. Pay a handling fee as determined by the NTFB in its sole discretion.
  2. Pay NTFB invoices in full within 30 days of invoice date. Agency will not allow any NTFB account to become past due without having made prior arrangement for payment.
  3. Pay restocking fees in an amount to be determined by NTFB on all orders that are not cancelled prior to processing.

These three items are not new to the agreement, but are being enforced more stringently. Agencies will pay handling fees and those fees will be set solely by the NTFB. Invoices are due within 30 days of the invoice date. If you have questions about invoices please email

Last summer, NTFB was proud to be able to offer orders within 48 hours. With this speedy turnaround it is more important than ever to contact the orders department if you need to cancel or reschedule your order. Orders that are not cancelled prior to processing will be subject to a restocking fee. If you need to reach someone in the orders department please email

Next month we will get to know the Reporting and Notices section of the agreement. Thanks for being such a valuable partner!

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Tiering for FY14 is Underway!

The purpose of the NTFB Agency Tier Program is to recognize the capacity levels of each Partner Agency to support best agency practices, assist in building capacity and utilize the program to determine agency grants and more. The most noticeable change of the Tier program are the expanded levels. Instead of three levels, there are now five.

An integral part of our evaluation process is agency input. Your response is critical in determining your tier status and establishes the basis of how we might best help you to achieve capacity goals going forward. To ensure the smooth implementation of the Agency Tier Program, please answer this survey by Monday March 17.

As an incentive to complete the survey in a timely manner, we are pleased to offer a $50 handling fee credit to all agencies who complete the survey by the deadline date.

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The Hunger Center Map

The Hunger Center of North Texas has a new interactive map to view information about hunger-related programs and people at risk of going hungry. You can check it out by clicking here. You can also download hunger stats by county on the Hunger Center’s website.

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Acing Your Capacity Building Review (CBR)

During your agency’s CBR your NTFB representative will have the opportunity to review many of your agency’s documents and take a tour of your wonderful agency. The intake form for your agency is one of the many things we review closely at your Capacity Building Review. One trouble area for agency intake forms is the failure to provide the full civil rights disclaimer. This full disclaimer should be printed on all intake forms in both English and Spanish. If there is not room, please post this in your client area so that it is easily accessible by all clients. We will look for it when we visit.

Please let us know if you would like us to evaluate your intake forms prior to your CBR. We’re happy to do so! Just email it to and someone from the team will review it and return it with any necessary notes.

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Metrocrest Services Debuts Updated Brand Identity

Change is tough. Our Partner Agency Metrocrest Services recently changed their name and brand identity and unveiled it with great success on February 27th at a reception for seventy key supporters. The Metrocrest Services name is the result of a strategic planning and branding effort completed in connection with a redefined mission and values for the agency.

The name and logo are expected to provide opportunities to reintroduce the agency since a 2013 merger with the former Senior Adult Services which resulted in expanded services for seniors.

The new look will increase visibility to those in need and those desiring to help, and provide clarification by removing the word 'social' since the agency is not a government entity.

You can read their full press-release here.

Please let us know if you have any news, joys, or awards to share with us by emailing Angela at Please include a photo or agency logo if available, and all the details of your success and you could be featured in the newsletter or on NTFB social media!

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