Update Agency Info

NTFB is now using Bullseye Locations to display our agency information on our website. This will allow our clients to be able to search through our agency list by location and types of assistance offered, and easily view your service hours, contact information, enrollment requirements and other information. Your information will be available publically at ntfb.org/agencies.

All NTFB partner agencies must initally log in to the system by October 17, 2016 to update and provide details for their organization. Failure to complete these updates may result in your agency's ordering account being placed on hold. 

A primary contact from each agency should have received an email from NTFB with your agency username and password information*. If you have checked with other members of your team and no one at your agency has received this username and password, please contact parteam@ntfb.org. Once you have retrieved your log-in information, click here for instructions for how to make updates in the Bullseye System.

*If your organization has multiple locations, you may have received separate instructions for how to complete your updates. If that is the case, please follow those instructions.

Please carefully ensure you have followed the updating instructions and have provided all information that is applicable to your agency. This includes the categories tab/section, which lists the programs that your agency offers and will be very important in helping clients find your agencies resouces.

Updating Instructions
Log In to Update 

Following the October 17 deadline, we ask that agencies make it a priority to keep their information up to date throughout the year. We strongly suggest assigning one person from your agency to be in charge of ensuring the information is up to date in the system. 

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