Facing Hunger a Day at a Time: David’s Story

Stories like David’s are far too common in North Texas. In tough economic times, more and more parents are making hard choices to keep food on the table. We hear stories about families having little left for groceries after bills are paid. Others choose which parent goes hungry so that the children can eat. These stories are real, and they’re happening every day in our community.

Today, you can do something about it. Every $1 donation can provide dinner to a family of three. More importantly, it can help them face the future with a glimmer of hope instead of a mountain of worry.

Get Fed Up with Hunger. $1 feeds 3 people.


All over North Texas, people are fed up with hunger in our community. Our Get Fed Up merchandise is designed to help them spread the word, raise money, and inspire others to join the fight.  From yard signs and T-shirts to bumper stickers and buttons, you can find a great start to your campaign here.

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Show off your support with t-shirts, buttons and other materials.

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Kids. Families. Seniors. Hunger affects us all.

KIDS. Families. Seniors. Hunger affects us all.

NTFB provides access to nearly 130,000 nutritious meals every day. That’s enough to fill the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington nearly three times to capacity!

$1 = 3 Meals

Every dollar donated feeds one hungry North Texan for a full day.
6 Cents
That’s all it takes from every dollar donated to keep our administration and fundraising going.  93 cents feeds the hungry!
1,000,000 Pounds
Each and every week, NTFB sources and distributes 1 million pounds of food. 80 percent of that is thanks to you and your donations!

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