30 Ways to $30

30 ways to 30 donate money

With only $30, we can feed 90 hungry North Texans. Here are some ideas for raising $30 and making an impact in your community.


  1. Check your couch for loose change
  2. Volunteer to give up coffee for a month and donate the savings
  3. Do some spring cleaning and hold a garage sale
  4. Sell some old books, CDs or DVDs
  5. Instead of birthday presents, collect donations
  6. Donate $15 and have your employer match it
  7. Carpool and donate your saved gas money
  8. Host a golf tournament
  9. Help your kids run a summer lemonade stand
  10. Auction off the best parking spot at your workplace
  11. Hold a coin drive at your school
  12. Make muffins and sell them at your office for $1
  13. Give up one thing you would have spent $30 on
  14. Switch to high-efficiency light bulbs to lower your electric bill
  15. Host a chili cook off and charge $5
  16. Donate your tax refund
  17. Commit to buy only generic brands on your next trip to the grocery store
  18. Pack your lunch instead of eating out
  19. Collect funds at your place of worship
  20. Go to the matinee instead of the evening movie
  21. Make t-shirts and sell them
  22. Ask your friends to make a donation
  23. Babysit and donate what you earn
  24. Host a fundraiser potluck with your neighbors
  25. Set aside a few dollars of every paycheck
  26. Trade your take-out pizza for frozen pizzas instead
  27. Sell your old gift cards online and donate the cash
  28. Volunteer to do your own mani-pedi (it’s free!)
  29. Let your employers wear jeans to work for a small donation
  30. Make your kids donate 50 cents every time they complain


Feed 90 Hungry North Texans
today with a $30 donation.

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