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UPDATED: Partner Agency Agreement, Return by July 31st

The Partner Agency Agreement has been updated with some important new information. Every agency is required to review it carefully and return it to the Partner Agency Resources team via email or mail (instructions below). Since the terms of this Partner Agency Agreement are critical to our operations we will need to have an updated copy signed by the highest ranking official in your organization on file for your agency no later than July 31. Administrative holds will be placed on accounts beginning August 1. Please be sure everyone within your organization is familiar with the agreement.

Click here to view and print the Partner Agency Agreement

Scan and return via email and using the subject line below. Replace AGENCY NAME with your Agency's name :
Subject line: AGENCY NAME 2015 Partner Agency Agreement
Email to:

If you are unable to scan the signed agreement you are welcome to mail it to:
North Texas Food Bank
Partner Agency Resources Team
4500 S. Cockrell Hill Road
Dallas, TX 75236

2015-2016 Income Qualification Guidelines Released

Each year in July, the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) updates the income guidelines for the Texas The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP).

Please print these guidelines and make them available wherever intake is completed at your agency. These guidelines should not be posted in a public manner; these income guidelines are for use by staff and volunteers to determine eligibility. We will ask to see your copy when we visit. Click here to print your copy

Have You Completed an Annual Civil Rights Training for Staff?

The Civil Rights training is an annual requirement by the Texas Department of Agriculture by any agency that receives USDA product.

Click here to view the Civil Rights Training video in English

Click here to view the Civil Rights Training video in Spanish

Click here to download the Civil Rights Training materials as a .pdf file

Click here for a copy of the Civil Rights Staff Training Log

Recall Notices

The FDA regularly posts recall notices to its website. Our Inventory department monitors these and posts updates weekly on the "Food Bank Links" area of the Online Shopping List. We will also sometimes distribute the information via email when it applies to a product we may have received. Check this list frequently for any recalled items.

Partner Agency Guidebook

Everyone in your organization should be familiar with the Partner Agency Guidebook. Be sure to print a copy for your key staff and/or volunteers from our Download a document section

Keep in Touch with the Calling Tree

Please print this for anyone who orders, reports, or picks-up for your agency.

Click here to view and print a food bank contact list.

Partner Agency Resources Representative Map

Partner Agencies do not "buy" food from the NTFB

When discussing your partnership with the North Texas Food Bank to the public through your newsletters, appeal letters, grants, websites or media interviews please do not make any reference to "buying" food from the Food Bank. It generates an inaccurate impression and could jeopardize the ability of individuals and businesses to receive tax deductions for their product donations. Click here to learn more

Map the Meal Gap

Click here to download a PDF of the food insecurity rates in your county. You can also download your county's statistics at our Hunger Center.

Sorting 101

NTFB has created a wonderful guide to help you and your volunteers make informed decisions when it comes to sorting through donated goods. 101.pdf

Share the Love!

Has your agency won an award or recently received a grant? Do you have an upcoming fundraiser? We want to hear about it! Share your joy with Angela and your agency could be featured in the newsletter or on NTFB social media.

Email a photo, agency logo (if you have one) and the details of your success to

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